Power to Heat (PtH)


Schniewindt’s CSN® high-performance water heaters and tankless water heaters in combination with our Power-to-Heat (PtH) technology help maintain stability in the grid.

In the past, heating water with electricity or other media was not very cost-efficient. Thanks to the increased use and supply of renewable energy in the power grid, this method is now significantly more lucrative. The reasons for this are fluctuations in energy supply as well as in the consumer use of electricity, resulting in intermittent large amounts of excess energy. Besides instabilities in the grid (fluctuations in power frequency) that this causes, much lower electricity prices (at times of excess energy) are another consequence on the energy market.
These two reasons make the use of electric tankless water heaters not only necessary and important but also, as already mentioned, very lucrative.

CSN® high-performance water heaters utilize their power-to-heat system to achieve more stability in the power grid because this generates a balance between power generation and power consumption. Excess power, for instance, is converted into thermal energy, stored in water and reused (district heating, process heat) as needed (at different times).

In one of the projects we have already completed, a water heater with a power of 3.5 megawatts was integrated into the existing heating system in a water park in eastern Germany. Any excess energy in the power grid is used to heat the swimming pool with electric power. This means that the existing heating system can be scaled down, thus reducing gas consumption and CO2 emissions.

In other current projects Schniewindt not only produces devices (550 kW) for biogas plants but also for district heating grids. Such power-to-heat heaters are quite often supplied with a power of up to 10 megawatts (10,000 kilowatts).

Please visit our product pages on “Power to Heat” for more information about our CSN® high-performance and tankless water heaters and our widely used CSN® flange type heaters.

Power to Heat