Thermal processes

The search for solutions in the field of process engineering systems and methods presents us with new challenges every day.

Electric heaters for the direct thermal treatment of incoming air in air conditioning systems or as pre-heater or afterburner for intake air in industrial equipment using intelligent process-adapted control systems are gaining an increasing acceptance.

Industrial furnace construction

We manufacture tubular heating elements up to a total length of 7000 mm for a variety of possible heat treatment processes. Temperature ranges up to about 700°C and the use of different high-grade steel materials are possible. To ensure the permanent heat-resistant connection of these elements, we produce high-temperature resistant connection leads for up to about 750°C.

Absorption dryer

In the field of heat-regenerating absorption dryers, Schniewindt manufactures customized flanged immersion heater solutions for predetermined process data.

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CSN® Flange heaters

Belt dryer

The drying chamber of a belt dryer is equipped with circulating air fans and electric air heaters. Hot air continuously flows over the wet material and dries it.

Schniewindt offers also for this application electronic controls that ensure that a predetermined degree of dryness is safely maintained.

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CSN® Air heater