CSN® space heaters


CSN® space heaters are robust heaters for industrial environments and can be used even in harsh environments. Depending on customer’s requirements, the heaters can be manufactured with different surfaces (painted steel, galvanized/painted steel, stainless steel) and equipped with temperature controllers, temperature limiters and protective grids.

CSN® finned tube space heater type 600

The robust finned tube space heater type 600 for industrial operating conditions in the low power heating range is virtually indestructible even under harsh operating conditions. Optionally, the finned heater can be controlled by an external type FTR controller.

CSN® finned tube space heater type 700

The finned tube space heater type 700 can be used universally. It is almost indestructible even under harsh conditions. With 4 different power outputs, it can be equipped according to customer requirements with a controller, limiter and/or a protective grid. A variant with a limited surface temperature for areas with fire hazard is also available in in our scope of supply.

CSN® blower heater type 716/20/HL 185 for cranes

The ideal blower heater or fast crane heater for commercial use.
For wall mounting. The compact design makes it possible to mount it even in small spaces and it is easily controlled by the integrated thermostat.

CSN® convection heater for wall mounting Type series: 717

Wherever beautiful design is required, and industrial operating conditions demand reliable operational safety from heating appliances, Schniewindt convection heaters create pleasant thermal conditions. An added plus is that the convection heater with DNV/GL approval is available for the marine industry.

CSN® Universal heater Type series: 720

An extremely low installation depth has been taken into account with this heater. Installation even in narrow niches makes this unit a universally applicable heater in many industrial areas. Mountable fastening brackets allow this universal device to be adjusted horizontally as well as vertically to any local condition. High operational safety is ensured with the use of touch-safe tubular heating elements.


Instantaneous heating and indestructible.


Type 814 air heaters are predominantly used as transitional and continuous heating systems. They impress with their compact and handy design. Also available on request for harsh operating conditions as Type 814 Robust.


Type 820 electric air heaters are used in the heating of factory buildings and workplaces as well as for instantaneous heating on construction sites.


Portable air heater for spot heating or as recirculation unit.

Typical applications of our CSN® space heaters

  • factory floors
  • crane cabs
  • work containers
  • workshops
  • storage rooms
  • Instantaneous heating on construction sites
  • garages
  • garden houses
  • fire brigade equipment houses

Further information about our CSN® space heaters can be found in the individual data sheets or in our catalog: