Review of the Schniewindt trade fair year 2018


The high number of visitors at the first trade fair in April of this year, the HMI in Hanover, gave already an idea that we are presenting ourselves optimally with the hew booth design and the slogan “there is much to see”. Numerous interested parties used the HMI, known as an international industry trade show, to discuss with our staff their projects in the area of industrial heating technology. These mainly included products in the fields of CSN® circulation heaters, flanged immersion heaters, air heaters, cartridge, tubular and screw-plug immersion, space heaters and Power to Heat (shown as process heaters with complete control).

However, the personal highlight of our heating technology division was, however, the Achema in Frankfurt, which takes place only every three years. As the world’s largest forum for chemical technology, this fair is the ideal platform to hold exciting talks with interested parties and customers from this environment. And here, of course, the devices from our production area “Explosion-proof heaters” were the key focus of the visitors. “The whole team really started to sweat, because we had twice as many visitors as in 2015,” said Johannes Jäger, the new sales manager for heating technology. But the team at home then also had a lot to do to handle the specific inquiries.

During the Posidonia in Greece and the SMM in Hamburg (international maritime trade fairs) Schniewindt presented its portfolio for all applications in this environment. Visitors were able to find items like CSN® tank heating elements, explosion-proof room heating appliances, fluid pre-heaters, as well as air heaters for air conditioning or room heating. Here, again, visitor numbers reflected a clear upward trend.

To the Cigré in Paris: Almost simultaneously to the Trade Fair in Hamburg, the resistor technology team in Paris presented CSN® current sensors, RC voltage dividers, the CSN® Air-Coil and the Stand Alone Merging Unit (SAMU). According to the organizer, this congress was the largest event ever organized in Paris for “International Power Systems Experts”. Schniewindt’s resistor team also came to this pleasing result based on visitor numbers.

Last week, with the bi-annual Innotrans, we were able to finish 2018, at least in terms of exhibitions. Also, during this special railway exhibition, visitors were able to convince themselves of our expertise and the quality of our equipment right on the spot.

“This is how fair is fun”, all employees agree and are looking forward to the new challenges in the coming year of 2019.

/ Beheizungstechnik, general