We carry out applied research in our own test field and laboratory in order to constantly further develop our products, but also so as to be able to present our customers with innovative new developments. Furthermore, we regularly participate in cooperative projects of the Federal Physical-Technical Institute (PTB -Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) with the economy. We also maintain close cooperative links with the universities of Duisburg-Essen and Karlsruhe. We would also like to support you in research with our products. Please contact us.

High-voltage testing technology

Thanks to its design, the “Schniewindt grid” is still the ideal high-voltage resistor for use in high-voltage test facilities even 100 years after it was first used. We can also offer you CSN® high-voltage resistors in potted versions for special application cases.

Our voltage dividers and current sensors are delivered according to individual customer specifications.

Experimental physics/basic principles

We have been supporting basic research for decades with products for electrical systems for operating particle accelerators (e.g. IPP, DESY, CERN, KIT) and fusion systems (e.g. JET, Wendelstein-7X).

Benefit from our experience.

Equipment for test facilities

We also offer all our products for use in test facilities. Here, special adaptation may be necessary depending on the application purpose, operating conditions and environmental conditions (indoor or outdoor set-up).

Since the accuracy class depends to a major extent on the individual application, you are welcome to contact us directly if you should have any questions on this subject.