Rail & ship

We develop and manufacture electric heating components for air conditioners in train systems and shipbuilding as well as pre-heaters and braking resistors for the drive technology.
In the field of separator technology, we manufacture heating elements for the temperature control of different liquids.
In all areas we apply the highest standards of high voltage and insulation resistance.

Drive technology

Wherever large diesel engines are used, an electric pre-heater is an elementary component of the overall system.

Heavy fuel oil on ships, for example, is heated this way for optimum use, while in train systems the coolant circuit is heated to the required temperature before the engine is started. Schniewindt also manufactures different series of resistors which have been specially designed for drive technology applications.

Air conditioning construction

With the implementation of the “Giso sealing procedure” – in this way Schniewindt tubular heaters have an insulation resistance of several Giga Ohm – Schniewindt heater are an integral part in many air conditioning systems in railway and marine construction.

Railway power supply

The increasing global demand for transport of both passengers and freight means that rail traffic is becoming increasingly important as a sustainable means of transport. We supply different CSN® resistors both for installation in rail vehicles and for stationary operation in railway power supply systems.

Vehicle construction / Shipyards

In the safety-relevant field of railway construction and shipbuilding, Schniewindt is certified as a Q1 supplier to Deutsche Bahn AG (German Rail). Individual heating components are approved worldwide by different maritime certification societies.

Electric heating bateries for the air conditioning manufacturer, convector heaters (also suitable for use in hazardous environments), tubular heating elements and screw-plug immersion heaters for separation equipment are just as much a part of the product portfolio as are flanged immersion heaters or braking resistors.


In general, separators are used to separate different substances (such as sea water/oil) from each other. In many cases, an appropriate tempering of the equipment is essential. For challenging material combinations, Schniewindt provides the optimal solution in the form of screw plug immersion heaters, flanged immersion heaters and circulation heaters.