Petrochemical industries

For both onshore and offshore applications we develop technical heating solutions for the thermal treatment of gaseous and liquid media as well as for solids of all kinds.


Throughout the world, refineries are the prerequisite for supplying the economy with fuel. Due to the different types of crude oil, effective corrosion protection is the basic requirement for a highly available system. Schniewindt flanged immersion and circulation heaters are specifically designed and manufactured to meet these requirements.

Drilling equipment

On offshore drill rigs and drill ships braking of the motors of drawworks and top drives must be done effectively. For this purpose, Schniewindt supplies proven air- and water-cooled brake resistors. These are specifically designed and manufactured for extreme environmental and working conditions.

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CSN® Brake Resistors

Oil and gas supply

Wherever oil or gas is transported, usually electric heaters are in use. As an example, the gas control or oil pumping stations may be mentioned. Schniewindt has a wide range of explosion-proof standard heaters available for this range of applications.