New energy storage media – There are many new solutions!

Power to Heat (or Power to X) – who does not know this topic, which is about storing excess energy from renewable energy sources in heat. But what are the current developments? Are there any changes in the market?

Yes, they exist. Besides Power to Heat, we also talk about Power to X. Here, the X stands for all other options, where you can temporarily store energy. The possibilities of storing energy in gas, in batteries and in pumped storage plants are already known. Another option is to convert electricity into steam using Power to Steam. But there are also initial ideas to store excess energy in a special concrete or to store the energy in molten salt. Especially these seem to be on the rise, because salt does not evaporate like water and can be brought to temperatures of over 600°C. In connection with the energy density of salt and the high temperatures, extremely much energy can be stored.

Energy recovery occurs through turbines. The salt evaporates water and drives a turbine, which in turn produces electricity.

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