The company was founded 1829 by Carl Schniewindt. Based to the patent application of the Schniewindt grid in the year 1902, Schniewindt is grown to a worldwide operating company.


  • 1829
    Founded by Carl Schniewindt in Altena, Westfalen
  • 1902
    Patended Schniewindt-Grid is world-wide used in resistors
  • 1952
    First Ex-Certificate by the Federal Institute of Physics and Technology (PTB)
  • 1964
    RC Voltage Divider for HVDC (High-Voltage-Direct-Current)
  • 1977
    Start of tubular heating elements production in Neuenrade
  • 1988
    First CSN brake resistor for diesel locomotives
    Development of compact Pre-heaters for railway and marine diesel-engines
  • 2003
    First Installation of Hybrid Electronic CT / VT
    Development and market introduction of Schniewindt-specific “GISO-process” for increased insulation strength
    Development of Schniewindt Braking resistors for ships
  • 2004
    175 years Schniewindt
  • 2005
    First installation of a hybrid electronically current transformer in China
  • 2007
    Prescribed by BP as preferred supplier
  • 2008
    Development of the first hybrid electronic combined for measurement of DC voltage and current transducer for State Grid, China
    Development of 15kV High performance cartridge heaters for railway technology
    Development of cartridge heaters for wind power with UL Label
  • 2009
    180 years Schniewindt
    Formation of daughter company Schniewindt Electric Co. Ltd Shanghai / China
  • 2011
    Development of differential current sensors for filter capacitor in HVDC plants
  • 2013
    First delivery of systems for direct current measurement in HVDC plants for 800 kV / 5200 A
Carl Schniewindt