CSN® explosion-proof space heaters


CSN® explosion-proof space heaters are used for heating zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas. Standard devices are available in the common temperature classes T1 to T4; temperature classes T5 and T6 can be offered on request.
The use of finned tubes for the CSN® explosion-proof space heaters is the most economical solution for heat transfer in the field of electric heaters. By coiling corrugated helical fins on tubes of different alloys, we obtain extremely large tubes surfaces and, consequently, low temperatures on their surfaces. We use this interaction to produce explosion-proof space heaters on a high-quality level.
CSN® explosion-proof space heaters with coiled fins are intended for horizontal mounting and suitable for both wall and floor mounting (for permanent installation)

Product advantages of our CSN® explosion-proof space heaters

  • Safety as top priority!
  • The explosion-proof space heater is manufactured according to ATEX and the latest IECEx standard for explosion proof material
  • The terminal housings meet protection class IP 66 (IP 67 on request)
  • Comfortable connection due to the type of protection Ex de IIC “Flameproof enclosure” and “Increased safety”
  • For use in Zone 1 or 21
  • For harsh environments, heaters can be supplied in “painted galvanized steel” or “stainless steel”
  • For accurate temperature monitoring, an exTHERM-AT temperature controller is available
  • Combined with the “M” protection grid also suitable for the shipbuilding industry; some with DNV-GL approval
  • With a performance that is enduring and designed to last

Typical applications of our CSN® explosion-proof space heaters

  • Gas regulation stations
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • LNG filling stations
  • Paint warehouses and paint shops
  • Gas tankers
  • Offshore installations


CSN® explosion-proof space heaters can be supplied with a CSN® protective grid. Three variants are available
The protective grid “H” is rounded and serves as thermal contact protection.
The protective grid “S” is bent at right angles and serves as thermal contact protection.
The protective grid “M” has a beveled shape, so that placing objects is prevented. This version has the marine certification.

Another variant is a CSN® built-in explosion-proof space heaters. Here, the heater is welded to a mounting flange and the mounting saddles are eliminated.

Ex-Raumheizkörper mit Flansch - Schniewindt
Thermostat - Schniewindt

Further information about our CSN® explosion-proof space heaters can be found in the individual data sheets or in our catalog: