Electrical power engineering

Since the invention of the “Schniewindt grid” in 1902, we produce high voltage resistors and are thus among the pioneers in the electrical industry.

Due to continuous development of our products and new developments according to the respective needs of the market, we are now one of the leading manufacturers of electric heating equipment, resistance equipment and sensors for current and voltage measurement.

Wind power

Today, about 25% of Germany’s domestic electricity demand is covered by renewable energy. High development potential is especially expected of wind energy. Schniewindt delivers the heating equipment required for this, for example transmission or rotor blade heaters.


To reduce the global CO2 emissions, the expansion of hydroelectric power plants is also an important aspect, as far as the topographic situation and the existing infrastructure in the respective region allow this development.

Schniewindt delivered the necessary protective resistors for the generators for the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant in South America as far back as the 1980s.

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CSN® Protection Resistors

Thermal power plants

In Germany, a considerable share of the electricity is produced by thermal power plants. In all types of thermal power plants, a large number of electric heaters and resistors is used. Steam generators, sealing steam heaters, flue gas heaters as well as testing and load resistors from Schniewindt are used by many operators.

Energy distribution AC

The power distribution in AC systems is becoming more and more important in today’s time. The increased decentralized energy supply (renewable energies) are obtained for the network operations management with new challenges. The quality of supply (Power Quality) must are increasingly ensured with appropriate filter circuits. Suitable for this are CSN ® filter and damping resistors, as well as large electrical heater to control the negative control energy (power-to-heat, PtH). To ensure network stability and uninterrupted operation, currents and voltages must be measured precisely. Our non-conventional current and voltage transformers according to IEC 61850-9-2 are ideally suited for this.

High-voltage DC transmission

High-voltage DC transmission is used wherever energy needs to be transported over long distances. This is increasingly the case when the energy carriers wind, solar or hydropower are not available where they are required. In these cases, the power must be transmitted as electric capacity. We manufacture suitable CSN® filter resistors for the filter circuits required in the current transformer stations. Our CSN® DC voltage dividers and DC current sensors can also support you with the measurement of electrical parameters.