CSN® Voltage Dividers

The CSN® type RC-Voltage Dividers consist of a proven reliable and high accuracy resistive-capacitive voltage divider. These are used for voltage measurement for control and protection systems in HVDC links and research institutes.

The base for our Voltage Dividers are metal wire resistor webs that have been embedded in epoxy resin under vacuum. In this way, optimal protection against external influences can be achieved.

Depending on the installation requirements (outdoor or indoor application), special designs of the voltage dividers adapted on the site requirements are used. The insulation medium (air, N2, SF6) can be easily adapted to the special requirements of the application.

Our CSN® RC-Voltage Dividers are characterized by:

  • high accuracy
  • low temperature coefficients
  • short response times
  • high precision long term stability

We have implemented CSN® RC-Voltage Dividers for system voltages of up to 1100 kVDC which have been successfully type-tested. All of our CSN® type RC-Voltage Dividers are individually designed according to customer requirements.


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