CSN® tubular heating elements


The CSN® tubular heating elements are of versatile application and have a long life span, if appropriately used. The tubular heating elements serve for the calefaction of gases, liquids and solid matters. The configuration of the elements is jointly decisive for the effectiveness. CSN ® tubular heating elements are available as round heating elements in diameters of 6.5 / 8.5 / 11.5 and 16 mm. These elements provide different materials, countless shapes and lengths up to 7 m, the optimal solution for your application.

Our team also looks forward to standing by your side if you need heating solutions which cannot be covered with so-called standard solutions. We are happy to develop process-customised solutions in close consultation with you. Nowadays, amongst others, our high quality standards are documented via the „Giso-Verschlusstechnik“ (Giso locking technology), with which we specify the isulation resistance values of our heating elements clearly above the values recommended in DIN 44874.

Thanks to worldwide co-operations, we now belong to the leading suppliers of electronic heating technology and are therefore able to provide our customers with various international licenses and certifications (e.g. Gost, UL/CSA, DNV, etc.) for various product groups.