CSN® SV-Viewer

The CSN® SV Viewer (Sampled Values) is our solution for visualizing and recording the digital IEC 61850-9-2 LE Protocol. This software allows the user to visualize the current and voltage values of different Merging Units.

The function Values displays the eight current and voltage values. Additionally it is possible to display a DC offset. In real-time mode, a selectable value is shown continuously.

The function Phasor calculates the phase shift between the sampled values channels. The function Waveforms charts the sample values of different Merging Units. The user can add or remove the desired sample values. The waveform can be saved as a screenshot or can be printed by the integrated print function.

The function Recorder allows the user to record up to two data streams on the hard drive either as .txt-file, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet or in COMTRADE format. The .txt files can normally be handled by any spread-sheet-software; no special analysis software is required.

The function Report generates an overview of important information such as MAC, AppID, sample counter and global or local synchronization flag. In addition, the captured IEC 61850 frames are displayed as hexcode. The Report can be printed out directly.

Further information and a demo version of our CSN® SV Viewer:

datasheet system requirements demo version


Marcel Kolbe
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