The CSN® HECT, HEVT and HECT/VT by Schniewindt combines proven sensor technology and optical-digital data transfer according to the standard IEC 61850-9-2, creating a future orientated solution for applications in high voltage AC substations.

The required values to be measured are recorded in analog signal form by conventional sensor elements (R/C high voltage divider for voltage measurement and Rogowski coil for current measurement) on HV-line potential and transferred to the Remote-Data-Module (RDM) mounted in the head construction of the instrument transformer.

The RDM converts the recorded data into a digital serial protocol and transmits them via optical fiber to the Merging Unit (MU), located in the control room. The distance between instrument transformer and MU can be up to 1 km.

The MU transfers the data protocol of three instrument transformers into the protocol according to IEC 61850-9-2. For signal output an optical Ethernet port is used.

The MU also contains the laser drivers providing the energy running the RDM in the head of the instrument transformer as well as the synchronization unit to ensure that the samples are taken at exactly the same time.

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