CSN® flow heaters


Typical Fields of Application are in the chemical, petrochemical, railroad and shipbuilding industries, in the machine and industrial equipment construction. CSN® circulation heaters are manufactured in close coordination with our customers from a few watts to the megawatt range, a division in individual circuits is made according to customer’s requirements. Equipment for installation in hazardous areas we produce in protection class „Ex d“, „Ex de“, „Ex e“.

On request, CSN® circulation heaters are supplied with optimized process controls. Please contact us to talk about the most appropriate control system. Schniewindt is certified by the Lloyd’s Register to produce equipment according to the Pressure Vessel Directive 2014/68/EU and a certificate from TÜV (Technical Monitoring Agency) certifies that we meet the prerequisites for welding procedures according to AD 2000 Merkblatt HP 0 / DIN EN 729-3.

Product advantages:

A wide range of possible applications in the electric heating of liquids and gases, high quality electric CSN® tubular heating elements produced by Schniewindt and a surface load perfectly adapted to the process condition in combination with the use of high quality stainless steels ensure a long service life, high efficiency by direct heating of the fluid, easy operation and low maintenance costs.

Equipment design:

Highly compacted U-shaped CSN® tubular heating elements are welded or hard soldered into blind flanges with diameters up to DN 1000 (40”) and inserted and mechanically fixed to cylindrical (tubular) pressure vessel. According to customer’s specification, the vessel will have nozzles prepared for welding, threaded pipe couplings or welding neck flanges. The terminal housings comply with protection class IP-65. The production of the CSN® circulation heaters is according to the guidelines of Directive 2014/68/EU (Pressure Equipment Directive), the tubular heating elements in diameters of 8,5 mm, 11,5 mm and 16 mm are available, on request, sealed according to the Giso process, guaranteeing a high insulation resistance. Various stainless steel materials for different fluids are available. Depending on customer’s requirements, our heaters are designed with kilowatt ratings up to the megawatt range. For a precise temperature control, mechanical thermostats or temperature limiters, Pt-100 RTD’s or thermocouples are available.

Further information about our CSN® Flow Heater: