CSN® flange heaters

CSN® flange heaters are manufactured with high-compression tubular heating elements in the diameters 8.5 mm, 11.5 mm or 16 mm.

Typical areas of application are the chemical industry, shipbuilding, railroad industry, plastics industry and the heat transfer technology.

CSN® flange heaters ensure a long service life by employing process optimized tubular heating elements with GISO closure. They are uniquely suitable, both for liquid media such as water, various oils, caustic solution, etc. as well as for gases (air, nitrogen, smoke gases). Flange heaters are marked by a high degree of efficiency (direct heating of the medium) and minimum maintenance costs.

Product benefits:
Superb corrosion resistance through heating element materials that have been adapted to the process. High insulation properties in the long range when using the GISO closure.

High-compression U-shaped bent CSN® tubular heating elements are welded into flanges up to DN 800, hard soldered or installed interchangeably. The tubular heating elements used can be closed using the GISO process if desired. Insulation resistances in the gigaohm range are achieved. Various special steel materials are available for different media and temperature requirements. If requested by the customer, we realize heating capacities into the megawatt range. Thermocouples, PT 100 or mechanical regulators or temperature limiters are available for precise temperature control. The connection method and number of connection groups can be implemented according to customer specifications.

Further information about our CSN® Flange heater: