CSN® Ex-Room Heater

Corrugated finned radiators are and remain the most economical solution for heat transfer with electric heaters. With the procedure of winding
corrugated steel strips around various tube qualities, we achieve extremely large tube surfaces and respectively low surface temperatures. We use this combination to manufacture explosion-proof room heater on a high quality level.

Depending on the application, we manufacture our CSN® radiator type ovens in:

  • Steel, highly heat-resistant, black lacquer
  • Zinc coated / black lacquer (highcorrosion resistance; particularly suited for screening plants in sewage treatment plants)
  • Stainless steel

For the heating element of our heaters we use exclusively ceramic sectional heating elements. CSN® Ex-Room Heater are installed wherever hazardous environments of the zone 1 or 2 type may develop.

The electric ex room heater are used for the heating of quiet air, by convections in areas of zone 1.
CSN® Ex-Room Heater are preferably used e.g. in the following brachens of industry:

  • Screening plants of sewage treatment plants
  • Gas regulator stations
  • Filling stations for gaseous fuels
  • Colour storage rooms
  • Chemicals tankers
  • Offshore drilling platforms

CSN® ex radiator type ovens can also be operated with a protecting basket!
Schniewindt offer alternative variants.