CSN® Ex-Immersion Heater

CSN® Explosion-proof screw plug or flanged immersion heaters ( Ex ) are perfectly suited for direct heating of liquids or gas / air mixtures in hazardous areas. The devices are available with attached or integrated temperature monitoring systems. For these heaters various high quality stainless steel grades are available.

The electical immersion heater type 94./..-EEs….T.(.) is designed for the heating of liquids and quit gas-air mixtures in the zone 1 and zone 2.

The standars elements, mentioned in this list are suitable for DGRL (code 97/23/EG) Art. 3 Para. 3. The elements can be suited (on request) to other uses requiring another classification according to DGRL.

The capacities, states in the schedule, are stipulated for the calefaction of water and correspond to a pipe surface load of 5,8 – 6,2 W/cm2. With a well actuated rinsing around the heating element an increase of the capacity by approx. 30% is feasible. If cold water is fed continuously, it can be raised up to 60%.