CSN® Current Sensors

CSN® Current Sensors are used for current measurement in control and protection systems in power transmission links (AC and DC applications).

The CSN® type Current Sensors are based on high-accuracy resistive sensors (shunt) respectively iron free
cores (CSN® Air-Coil).

There are self-supporting structures available where the CSN® Current Sensor is mounted on top of a composite insulator, as well as variants in which the CSN® Current Sensor will be mounted hanging in the busbar.

Schniewindt has implemented CSN® Current Sensors for nominal currents of up to 5 kADC at system voltages of
800 kVDC, which have been successfully type-tested.

Also for the precise measurement of small currents (1 to 10 A), such as transient currents in capacitor banks, Schniewindt offers appropriate solutions.

All of our CSN® Current Sensors are individually designed according to customer requirements.


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