CSN® Cartridge Heater

CSN®-cartridge type heating elements and bath heaters are eminently suitable for direct heating and warming of liquids of all kinds.

Corresponding to the nature of the different media protective coverings of steel, various special steel types or porcelain can be selected.

The electric heating inserts of CSN®-cartridge type heating elements may be installed or dismounted without the necessity of draining the liquids from the container.

The CSN®-cartridge type heating elements and bath heaters are manufactured for nominal voltages from 110 up to 690 volts D.C. and A.C. In the case of higher heating capacities 3 or more elements each, being individually divisible by the factor 3 can be star or delta connected to 230 and 400 volts A.C. threephase mains. At 12 kW and a related length the elements are fabricated for 400 volts A.C. threephase delta connections. In any case the desired voltage and type of current has to be stated.

The capacity by 3 watts/cm2 loading of the pipe surface are intended for water and liquids similar to water or thin-bodied oil respectively up to 100 °C. In the event of higher temperatures or other media the surface load are reduced.

The mounting lengths, mentioned in the schedules, are CSN® standard. On request also other lengths and capacities are available. The standard elements, mentioned in this list are suitable for DGRL (code 2014/68/EU) Art. 4, Para. 3. The elements can be suited (on request) to other uses requiring another classification according to DGRL.

Further information about our CSN®-cartridge type heating elements: