CSN® air heaters

CSN® air heaters

CSN® air heaters have a wide range of applications for the electrical heating of gaseous flowing media. In industrial environments, they are often also referred to more generally as gas heaters. Through the use of our high-quality, electric CSN® tubular heating elements and adapting the surface load to the respective process, we guarantee a long service life and a high efficiency. Only high-quality stainless steels are used.

The cross-section, geometric shape and transition to the on-site pipe system are individually adapted to process requirements and customer wishes.
For installation in an existing pipeline or ventilation duct, we also supply heaters without a flow housing or flow duct.

Product advantages of our CSN air heaters

  • High-density CSN® tubular heating elements are adapted to the desired pipe or duct cross-section or the cross-section specified by the process and bent accordingly.
  • Rectangular, square and round duct cross-sections are possible
  • Transition cones, reducers and extensions for connection to an on-site duct system can be supplied as well
  • The electrical connection boxes meet the IP 65 degree of protection.
  • Connection boxes can be upgraded with breather glands, control cabinet heaters and fans for outdoor installation
  • The CSN® air heaters or gas heaters of types 803 and 850 meet the tightness class D according to the standards DIN EN1507 / DIN EN 12237.r
  • The CSN® tubular heating elements used with diameters of 8.5 mm, 11.5 mm or 16 mm, sealed with the patented Schniewindt GISO process, ensure an above-average insulation strength.
  • High-quality stainless steel materials for different media are available. Heating capacities are implemented up to the megawatt range according to requirements.
  • For precise temperature monitoring, thermocouples, PT 100 or mechanical controllers, as well as temperature limiters are available.
  • Pressure and flow monitors are available for monitoring pressure and volume flow
  • For signal transmission and connection to a control system, the measured values can also be transmitted as a standard signal via appropriate transmitters.

Typical application areas of our CSN® air heaters or gas heaters

✓ Chemical and petrochemical industry
✓ Railroad and shipping industry
✓ Mechanical and plant engineering
✓ Power plant engineering
✓ Ventilation and air-conditioning technology
✓ Space/hall heating


We manufacture CSN® electric air heaters from a few watts to megawatts in close consultation with our customers. We realize different switching stages according to customer requirements. We manufacture systems for explosive environments with the ignition protection types “Ex d”, “Ex de”, “Ex e”.

A suitable fan can be supplied for air conveyance. Depending on the volume flow, pressure and temperature, axial or centrifugal fans are used. The fans can be operated in static mode or speed-controlled

On request, we manufacture CSN® air heaters for industrial heating with optimally adapted process controls. Contact us about appropriate regulation and control options.

Further information about our CSN® air heaters: