Heating Technology

Schniewindt heating technology includes the development, production and sale of heaters for heating gases, liquids and solids…

Electric Resistor Technology

In the product area electric resistor technology we develop and manufacture customised high power and high voltage resistors for various applications…

Energy Transmission Technology

In the product area energy transmission technology we offer solutions for voltage and/or current measurement based on well proven sensor technology…

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25 years CSN® measurement and control technology

For more than 25 years Schniewindt is your professional partner in the area of measurement and control.

Schniewindt measurement and control technology

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The world’s first large-scale plant for the production of synthetic, virtually climate-neutral fuel, or e-fuel for short, is being built in Chilean Patagonia.
This location was chosen because of the optimal climatic conditions for wind energy in southern Chile, which … Lesen Sie mehr…

Since October 1, 2020, CCC certification (China Compulsory Certification) has been required for numerous explosion-proof devices exported to China.
Currently we are able to present this important approval for all devices of line 94 and 95 Ex.

As part of modernization, increase efficiency in production and environmental protection as well as the improvement in product quality, Schniewindt has revised the manufacturing processes for high-temperature-resistant for industrial use fundamentally.
An enormous continuous performance improvement and the increase of … Lesen Sie mehr…

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